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January 22 and 23, 2015:  “Isolation and Elder Abuse Awareness” talk with 40 attorneys at the Million Dollar Solution Gold Conference, Lake Buena Vista, Florida


February 17, 2015 – Rotary Club of Irvine  


April 21 – 23, 2016 – Kasem Cares Conference on Aging

in Costa Mesa, California.  Attendees from across the nation and abroad attend the conference to learn, network and participate in this conference covering issues of aging, elder abuse awareness and prevention and quality of life for older adults.  The national conference features informative educational programs, meaningful exhibits and stimulating speakers – a collaborative effort among community-based service providers, caring individuals, and area agencies on aging.

Recent Events/News:

May 10th 2018:  Fairfax County siblings fight to see father after guardian terminated visitation rights:

May 09, 2018:  Woman Working to Fight Elder Abuse Shares Personal Story to Senior Care Workers:

December 10, 2015:  Attend Elder Abuse Awareness Conference: Kasem Cares Conference on Aging:


December 1, 2015 – National Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Symposium Kerri Kasem Speaking with Paul Greenwood. This conference is designed for prosecutors, investigators, law enforcement, adult protective services administrators and case workers, state and local agency personnel, medical professionals, coroners and medical examiners, and victim advocates. The symposium will provide information on how to identify, investigate, and prosecute cases involving elder and dependant adult abuse. While serving as an introduction to those new in the field, this symposium will also address the latest issues and techniques in elder abuse prosecution.


December 8, 2015 – Magic 95.9 Bill Benjamin had Kerri on his radio show to talk about “the Kasem Cares 2016 conference, life with my Dad, and my foundation. THANK YOU BILL!”  Listen: @Minute mark 19 Kerri speaks about the foundation, her personal story, why she established Kasem Cares and more.  She spoke about her dad, being humble, kind, stories and more.  Minute 31 is about having your wills and estate plans in place. Minute 33 talks about why you should “Share Your Story.” Minute 34 talks about the conference.  Minute 40 is about how elder abuse / isolation can happen to any socio-economic background.


December 2, 2015 – National Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Symposium  Kasem Cares Booth/Exhibitor


November 4, 2015 Inside Edition – Casey Kasem’s Daughters: Our Dad Had the Same Condition as Robin Williams


November 4, 2015 – Daily News – Kasem’s kid says ‘heart breaks’ for Robin Williams family


November 4, 2015 Fundraiser at MenEssentials in Glendale. 6 to 9pm. MenEssentials will donate 20% to Kasem Cares.


November 3, 2015 Kerri Kasem on air with Dr. Drew at 12:30p pst and then at 4:30p pst on John and Jillian’s show. Listen live at:  Speaking about Kasem Cares, our mission and why you should attend the 2016 Conference on Aging. (


October 2015 – Education and Awareness Press Release – click here.


October 22, 2015 – MARYLAND has picked up  “VISITATION BILL!” THANK YOU Delegate Sid Saab.  Kasem Coalition, team and you have been working together for over 7 months now to get the perfect bill for Maryland!


October 22, 2015 – We are excited to announce the support of Wells Fargo Advisors in our fight against elder abuse. Kasem Cares is honored to be the recipient of a Wells Fargo Advisors grant, and we are thankful for this generous contribution to such an important cause!


October 21, 2015 –  Kasem Cares attended Navigating Senior Resources.   


October 14, 2015 – Kerri Kasem speaks about her Dad, Casey Kasem, her career, her heritage and Kasem Cares.


October 3, 2015 –  Kerri Kasem was a speaker at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Atlanta. “I thought I had a passion for radio when I began my radio show, but when I found this cause I really found passion and fire in me that I never had before. I love radio… I’m paid to talk, but that passion was superceded by the passion for this cause,” said Kerri. Read more.


October 2, 2015 – Kerri at the Atlanta Radio Convention


September 15, 2015 – CBC News Article Power of attorney accountability needs improvement, family member says.  Casey Kasem’s case highlights need for power of attorney, lawyers say


September 12, 2015 –  Protecting the Elderly by Silver Angels for the Elderly (SAFE). SAFE believes facility administrators should have a medical review to expose their mental health history, have their credit checked and be required to be on site for more than 35 hours per week. It also believes facilities should only be allowed to open on an “as-needed” basis, based on demographics. Full Article here


August 29, 2015 – Kasem Cares team releases video reel from Seattle. We got the Visitation Bill in the hands of over 100 Legislators from across the country!


August 6, 2015 – KIRO Seattle Podcast Radio Interview with Kerri Kasem, Troy Martin and Kathleen Wright-Brawn for the show “Partner in Law” 97.3 in Seattle, WA.


August 6, 2015 –  KIRO RADIO | Kerri Kasem discusses her fight for family rights after the death of her father, legendary DJ Casey Kasem


August 7, 2015 – Action Committee Meeting


August 3-6, 2015 – National Conference of State Legislatures.  Kerri, Jennifer and Kathy from #KasemCares will be sharing information about the foundation at the nation’s largest gathering of legislators and legislative staff NCSL Legislative Summit


August 6, 2015 – News Article by Josh Kerns – Casey Kasem’s daughter fights for family rights after father’s death


August 5, 2015 – Via By Jeff Burnside | Daughter of Casey Kasem breaks her silence about dad’s death. “Adult children don’t have the rights to ask for visitation to an ailing parent,” she said. “The only people that can give visitation is a spouse, a guardian, a conservator. And if any of those people say no, sorry – you’re never going to see your dad or mom again.” Kerri Kasem has now assembled a team and is lobbying state lawmakers and legislative staffers at a massive national convention in Seattle this week, the National Conference of State Legislatures, intent on changing the law in every single state.


August 3, 2015 – At the Seattle, Washington for the National Conference of State Legislators! This is where we can present the Kasem Cares Foundation “Visitation Bill” to legislators from all 50 states.  We also spent time with Washington reporter, Jeff Burnside, who followed us around to capture the action with the Kasem Cares team: Troy Martin, Kathy Brawn, Jennifer Ponce and Naz Barouti.


July 24, 2015  Presentation on Elder Financial Abuse. The project presented at  Pleasant Valley Library at 6:30 pm in Ogden, Utah. Presentation by Kim McCorkle-Harbath (Weber State University senior project). Pleasant Valley Library in Washington Terrace, Utah – free to the public.


July 21, 2015 – Action Committee Conference Call – By Invitation


July 17, 2015 – Kerri Kasem morning Keynote Speaker with Dan Martell – San Diego Symposium


July 16, 2015 –  South Bay and Long Beach Estate Planning Council – “Elder Abuse: The Silent Epidemic” – at The Grand Long Beach Event Center.  In an aging population, both financial and physical elder abuse is becoming more prevalent. It is estimated that over 2 million seniors report either physical or financial elder abuse annually. One of the primary tools of for elder abusers is isolation – preventing a senior from seeing or speaking to a loved one. Although the Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act defines isolation as a form of elder abuse, it is almost never investigated or prosecuted.


July 15, 2015 –  Kerri Kasem on 790 KABC with the John & Jillian Show! She spoke about the Visitation Bill that just got signed by Governor Jerry Brown’s Office Radio direct link: #‎California #‎VisitationBill Thanks to the #‎KasemCaresTeam and everyone who has been a part of this mission!  She also spoke about the petition #TakeThePledge and the bill passing by California Governor Jerry Brown.


July 14, 2015  California News Wire: Governor Brown Signs Gatto Bill Granting Children Access to Ailing Parents – AB 1085. Kerri is an outspoken advocate of visitation rights for adult children as a result of her struggle to see her beloved father, broadcasting legend Casey Kasem, who struggled with poor health before his passing last year. After sharing her struggle to see her father on various media outlets, Kerri and Assemblyman Gatto received thousands of communications from across the country of similar stories of heartache.


July 13, 2015 Paul Duane radio show – Salt Lake City, Utah. Listen to the broadcast @ 0:08 interview – click here. Interviewed in this broadcast are Jennifer Ponce, Kerri Kasem and attorney Troy Martin.  They discussed the importance of the Visitation Bill in all U.S. States.  Other talking points in this discussion were: conservatorship, adult protective services, struggles that families go through, how “Isolation is a crime,” Dying of an aging loved one, how her step mother moved around Casey Kasem from facility to facility, nursing home versus a private home and visitation, rights to see your ailing loved one, attorney rights, end of life care, elder abuse, mediation, family dynamics, ailing parent, the Kasem Cares Foundation’s work, guardianship to allow the courts to do a brief investigation to allow visitation, Casey Kasem said he wanted to see his children, yet the courts hands were tied without a conservatorship, power of attorney, visitation, Iowa, Texas and California changes to laws, challenges in the law as it stands with for example a second spouse, rights of children, your voice mattering, awareness and more.  


July 12, 2015 Kerri Kasem, Jennifer Ponce and Kathy Brawn meet with Senator(s) to push the Visitation Bill in other states.


July 11, 2015  SAVS Sexual Assault/ victims services certification done by CSP, inc. attended by our Executive Director, Jennifer Ponce. This is a state certification and this class covers elder sexual abuse and crisis.


July 3, 2015  USS Iowa recording with Simon Conway in San Pedro, California.  Kerri and the Kasem Cares Team met with Simon Conway. Kerri was interviewed about California and what the foundation is doing to help promote elder abuse awareness and the progress of the visitation bill passing in California.  California will be the the 3rd U.S. State to get the Visitation Bill passed.  


June 23, 2015  OC Register The Miniondas/Farandula USA interviews Kerri Kasem, Adam Dodge and Jennifer Ponce. An article also appeared online here. Jennifer Ponce (in Spanish)


June 20, 2015 Give Back Girls of New Jersey – spreading awareness on Elder Abuse on behalf of Kasem Cares Foundation. “Dance to Stop Elder Abuse” Rosie Multari and Stacy Fireball Myers with special thanks to Michele Rosa. Their video: click.


June 15, 2015 Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Kerri Kasem is presenting speaker. Financial Awareness and Healthy Relationships for Seniors – Laguna Woods City Hall – Presented by Laura’s House


June 3, 2015  Forbes Magazine: Article “Casey Kasem’s Daughter Fights For New Guardianship Visitation Laws”


June, 2015 Working hard to fight Elder Abuse with the Kasem Cares Foundation, my organization and I are featured in this month’s Caregiver Magazine. Thank you Today’s Caregiver and Gary Barg for the beautiful article. Spreading awareness is the first step!


June 3, 2015 The Jonathan Brandmeier Show, Chicago


June 6, 2015 KLOS In-Studio Los Angeles: Heidi & Frank Show 7:30 am


June 6, 2015 Marilou Henner Show 10:30am PST

Past Events:

May 29, 2015  The Rotary Club of Los Angeles – Calendar | LA5 Rotary Club of Los Angeles


May 21, 2015 Kerri Kasem – in Austin, Texas testified before Congress about the Visitation Bill before a senate committee on behalf of a bill authored by State Rep. Joe Moody. You can watch video at the 12 min 40 second mark, the VISITATION BILL being discussed before the Texas committee in Austin: (Kerri Kasem and Austin resident, Dinah Street, speak at 14:56):…


May 21, 2015  El Paso Times Reporter did a great article on exactly what Kerri is doing – to get people to realize the importance of being proactive instead of reactive. Read full article.


May 20, 2015  El Paso Independent School District with David Rodriguez  – speaking about his anti-bullying campaign to 7th graders at Henderson Middle School.  KFOX14 article.


May 19, 2015  Heavyweight Champion Boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez and Kerri Kasem speak in Texas at the El Paso Chihuahua Baseball stadium.  David will be speaking on his anti-bullying campaign and Kerri will share the Kasem Cares’ foundation message on elder abuse awareness, prevention and the “Visitation bill” to over 9,000 people (including children and parents).


May 19, 2105 Kerri and the El Paso Chihuahua event are featured in the El Paso Times


May 19, 2015  7:00 am on KLAQ and 4 o’clock hour on Fox 92.3 FM – El Paso, Texas


May 11, 2015  Good Day L.A. interviews Kerri Kasem. Click here to watch the video.


May 6, 2015 UBN Radio Interview Tom LaBonge and Kerri Kasem (at the 23 minute mark). Kerri speaks about the experience of being blocked, the challenges of the court system, family, current law as it stands, elder abuse, APS (Adult Protective Services), the letters we receive asking for help, the reason for wanting to pass the Visitation Bill in California (and also currently in 8 states) and the reason she created the Kasem Cares Foundation.  She explains the recent passage of the visitation bill in Iowa which can now allow a judge to rule on visitation.  Currently judges do not have the ability to rule on visitation.


April 27, 2015  Casey Kasem Birthday Tribute Event and “Fun-Raiser” – Anaheim, CA


April 27, 2015 Kasem Cares Foundation receives a Congressional Certificate by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez


April 24, 2015  Radio interview: “WHO Newsradio 1040” The Simon Conway Show celebrating the passing of Iowa’s Visitation Bill thanks to Simon Conway, Senator Zaun, Governor Terry Branstad, Troy Martin, Martha Geisler Patterson and Robert Naylor


April 24, 2015  Des Moines Iowa – to witness Governor Terry Branstad signing the nation’s first “Visitation Bill”


April 23, 2015 Kids Need Both, Lakeland Florida


April 22, 2015  Testifying before Congress in Austin, Texas


April 20, 2015  On air radio interview 105.3 with JB In the Morning | With Representative Joe Moody – Austin, Texas


April 19, 2015 “Sunday Brunch with Tom & Lynn” Show on KOCI 101.5 FM – Talking about the upcoming fundraiser in Anaheim and elder abuse awareness and the Kasem Cares Foundation Team


March 30, 2015 On air with “The Raad Life” with Kerri Kasem and Carrie Jones


March 25, 2015 Orange County Estate Planning Council


March 9, 2015 The Red Booth Interview


March 5, 2015 Senior Scam Stopper with Attorney Naz Barouti and Assemblyman Mike Gatto | Glendale Adventist Medical Center


February 6, 2015  Talk Show Boot Camp line-up – Atlanta, Georgia


January 30, 2015 Los Angeles Press Conference led by Kerri Kasem, family and supporters (ABC Eyewitness News)


January 22, 2015 National Aging in Place (NAIPC) – Orange County Chapter


January 8, 2015 Beverly Hills Weekly article – Kerri discusses her fight to allow adult children to visit ailing parents


December 27, 2015 “Protecting Your Family” with Naz Barouti on @KABCRadio Naz Barouti and Kerri Kasem discuss the latest on her family’s ordeal along with what’s happening in the news! #‎790KABC


October 13, 2014 #‎WomenInPower with Elena Lyons Cardone & Katrina Campins |


September 2, 2014 Los Angeles courtroom protesting Parental Alienation and supporting Jason Patric in his fight to see his son again.


August 28, 2014 Sacramento, CA meeting Senator Jackson about AB2034.


August 25, 2014 The Emmys honor Casey Kasem along with all of the other great talents we lost this year.


August 23, 2014  Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.


August 21, 2014 Sacramento, California to meet with the Governors Office and lobbyists, Rob Flannigan and Robert Naylor


August 16, 2014 KFI AM640 from 4-6 filling in for Lisa Ann Walters


August 7, 2014 Relationship Building Network – Mission Viejo Country Club


August 5, 2014 Naz Barouti Interviews Kerri Kasem and the Rooney Sisters


July 22, 2014 Access Hollywood Interview with Kerri Kasem and Julie Kasem


July 17, 2014 Home and Family TV show


July 16, 2014 Hallmark Channel


July 7, 2014 Access Hollywood


June 24, 2014 Testified in front of the California Senate for the Visitation Bill AB2034


April 28, 2014 US Weekly article about Vigil by Kerri Kasem, supporters, friends and family


February 21, 2014 Good Day LA Interview


February 20, 2014 First press conference with Assemblyman Mike Gatto


January 20, 2014 Kasem Cares Foundation fundraiser, Beverly Hills, CA


December 20, 2013 TMZ Interview talking about creating awareness for VISITATION RIGHTS!


December 17, 2013 Piers Morgan Live Interview


December 5, 2013 The Doctors Interview


November 27, 2013 First fundraising committee meeting to support legislation to give adult children visitation rights to their ailing or aging parent.