The Visitation Bill

Kasem Coalition on a mission to help change law state by state with the visitation bill. She also encourages people to take the pledge to stand up against elder abuse.

About Kerri Kasem and The Kasem Cares Team

As an entertainer and the daughter of a renowned celebrity, Kerri Kasem has lived more of her life in the spotlight than most of us. Unfortunately, circumstances put her private and very personal family tragedy on the front pages of the news. Her legal battle regarding the visitation and medical care of her father, radio icon, Casey Kasem, has brought awareness and attention to a cause that many of us may face one day, in today’s world of blended families. Kerri is actively involved in the elder abuse prevention community.

With this foundation comes the reassurance and promise from us to dedicate our time and determination to pass laws in America giving legal rights to adult children where none exist thus far in the courts. We already have succeeded with the first VISITATION BILL being passed in Iowa recently. More states are soon to be added to establish similar protective legislation.

The foundation encompasses a group of passionate family system thinking minds looking to protect, preserve, and support all adult children’s rights to visitation when your parent is not able to speak up, pick up the phone for help or you are faced with a situation that impedes the once sacred bond between parent and adult child!

Thanks for your support!

Kerri Kasem and The Kasem Cares Team