We welcome the advocacy efforts of every individual, organization, or agency in this fight against elder abuse and isolation. As we are able to unite in this mission, we will be able to bring about great change. This change can start with the passing of the "visitation bill." Love and support of victims, unity, and healing can start to take place on an individual and national level as we move forward in this fight together.

A Silent Epidemic

cThe work of the Kasem Cares Coalition addresses the experiences of an increasing number of families whose family members need protection from abuse, regardless of their financial status. Increasingly, adult family members around the country need to protect ailing relatives whose lives are being controlled by someone who restricts access to and creates inhumane conditions for a vulnerable adult. Elder abuse is a silent epidemic affecting thousands of people across the country and ironically, elements of the current laws support the abusers. The Kasem Coalition is waging a state-by-state lobbying campaign to support the “Visitation Bill” or bills with similar components. The “Visitation Bill” provides an open path for family members to ask the court to rule on visitation without incurring the enormous expense and time that comes with a challenge to guardianship or conservatorship. We are very proud of our success in Iowa, Texas and California; with California passing the “Visitation Bill” in 2016! Other states are on their way to follow suit. The Kasem Coalition is devoted to help change the way our society honors and cares for our parents and seniors. Our organization invites you to join an expanding group of passionate professionals and community-minded families who want to preserve the visitation rights of adult children and loving family members.  

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